Create a Better Guest Experience and
Turn Your Wi-Fi Into a Marketing Machine!

Automatically connect with your guests when they connect to your Wi-Fi.  Monetize your Wi-Fi by capturing valuable guest social data, increasing guest engagement, direct re-bookings and positive online reviews.  Grow your email list, social media following and online presence with STRWiFi, a Social Powered Guest Wi-Fi Marketing Machine. 

You know Wi-Fi is such an important part of the amenities you offer your vacationing guests.  You also know what a pain Wi-Fi can be at times!  Guests calling for passwords… having trouble connecting, poor coverage area, and low Wi-Fi speeds are just a few of the complaints reported by guests.  “Bad Wi-Fi”, contributes to an alarmingly large amount of poor online reviews as well.  Your Wi-Fi may be costing you more than just network fees.  It’s time to put your Wi-Fi to better use, with Vacation Rental “Social Powered” Guest Wi-Fi.

What is STRWiFi?

Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, which requires users to locate the network name and type in a complicated password, Short Term Rental WiFi (STRWiFi) is a Social Powered Wi-Fi Marketing Machine that makes it simple for guests to quickly and easily connect through a “Social Login Portal”. Guests are presented with a professional looking login page with your branding and direct contact details.  This innovative solution allows guests to connect to the Wi-Fi network using Facebook account, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Email or a Phone Number.

What are the benefits of Social Powered Wi-Fi?

STRWiFi not only provides your guests with an easy way to connect to Wi-Fi, but also provides a way for you to instantly connect with your guests.  When your guests connect using their social media login, their data is collected and stored for immediate and future engagement.  The data collected provides you with a wealth of information about your guests… information not typically shared by OTA’s (online travel agencies).  Imagine for a second, being able to communicate (maybe for the first time ever) with ALL of YOUR guests. PLUS, it allows your guests the ability to connect with you directly instead of having to communicate through a travel agent.

How Will Social Powered Wi-Fi grow your STR business?

The power is in the list!  Social Powered Wi-Fi is the key to growing your contact list, increasing “direct” re-bookings through guest engagement, special offers and much more.  Automated messaging will help grow positive online reviews, improve your online presence and capture new audiences while creating a “following”.  Staying connected with people who already have an interest in your product will boost sales and create customer retention that could last a lifetime.  Even if you already have the contact details of the booker, you are still missing opportunities to connect with the other guests in the rental party.  STRWiFi now makes it possible to connect DIRECTLY with each guest staying at the property.

Connect Your Guests & Connect With Your Guests.

Connecting Your Guest

Step 1: Guest Social Wi-Fi Login Page

STRWiFi provides a custom QR Code so guests can quickly and easily connect without the hassle of searching for the network name.  Once guests connect, your branded login page (splash page) displays a user interface where guests can log in with an email address, phone number or social media account.  It’s professional, timely and impressive.

Connecting With Your Guest

Step 2: Getting To Know Your Guest

Online travel agencies (OTA’s) refuse to provide you with YOUR guests contact details.  This is all about growing your database and engaging with your guests!  Once your guests have completed their login, they will land on a friendly thank you page and can even be redirected to your Facebook page, a welcome URL, or a video to learn more about you, your property or local venues.

Automated Marketing Machine

Step 3: Increase Bookings and Online Reviews

Two of the most important aspects of your rental business: more bookings and more reviews.  Increasing the quality of the bookings and increasing 5-star reviews are even more important.  Because your new STRWiFi Machine is collecting the contact details for EVERY guest in the rental party, you increase the number of guests being automatically prompted to leave reviews AND to book DIRECTLY with you in the future.  There is not a faster or an easier way to increase online reviews, than with Social Powered Wi-Fi!

Wi-Fi Marketing

Grow Your Vacation Rental Business With Social Powered Wi-Fi Marketing

Your Brand

It's important that guests know who you are and how to connect with you. This can be accomplished instantly when guests connect to your Wi-Fi; with a custom look and user friendly Wi-Fi login page displaying your brand name, logo, email, website and phone number.

Collect & Monetize

When it comes to marketing, the bigger the contact list the more people you can market to (reach). The math is simple; increase your email list - increase your bookings. The brilliant part about this marketing machine is that you are collecting data from "qualified" buyers. These are HOT leads that can be converted into more bookings.


Guests want to know more about you and your offers. Creating engaging newsletters, special offers, and friendly email blasts will provide guests with more opportunities to connect with you. Stay connected with your guests long after they've checked-out. Make your guest feel important and special by including them in personal messages like birthday wishes and holiday salutations.

Social Powered Wi-Fi

Provide your guests with a custom network name that easily identifies with your brand or theme. Increase guest experience with greater Wi-Fi speeds, solid Wi-Fi coverage and commercial level network security. With instant reconnect, returning guests can easily connect to the Wi-Fi without having to login. Returning guests are presented with a friendly ‘Welcome Back’ message, connecting them instantly.

Marketing Ads

Add more value to your social login page with custom ads promoting your brand or services. Additionally you can provide opportunities for local venues or niche service providers by selling them ad space on your social login page. Guests can click on the ad to be redirected to redeem special offers. Ad space is available on pre-login, interstitial and post-login pages. Track-click through rates and impressions, showing vendors the value of Wi-Fi marketing Ads.

Data & Analytics

It's important to know as much about your guest (target market) as possible. The more you know about the people who spend money with you, the better you can create compelling messages to encourage them to spend with you again. Your STRWiFi Marketing Machine will collect more data in a single month, than other platforms collect in a year.

Reputation Management

There's not a more powerful platform for increasing positive online reviews than with social powered Wi-Fi. Upon check-out, automatically encourage every guest in the rental party to leave a review. Automatically redirect negative reviews in house to manage issues privately and direct positive feedback to review sites that are most important to you. Generate reviews, monitor reviews, respond to reviews, market your reviews and measure your reputation all from a single portal.

Social Media Interaction

Wi-Fi marketing provides pixel tracking for social media engagement and retargeting. With an imbedded Facebook script, you'll have the ability to retarget guests, their friends and their family members when launching Facebook ads. Connect with your guest through social media and grow your following. Post rebooking offers that automatically display in front of your guests and their contacts (friends) while they are engaged on Facebook. With an imbedded Facebook Profile Header, your guests can also Like and Follow you right from the Wi-Fi login page.

Automated Messaging

Guest engagement begins as soon as guests connect to your Wi-Fi. With our "if-this-do-that" triggers, you'll have a hands-free marketing platform providing timely messages automatically when guests connect, disconnect and reconnect to your Wi-Fi. Automatically check in on your guest with a quick message insuring they are enjoying their stay. Trigger thank you messages and reviews requests upon check-out and invite them to stay with you again months later. Messages can be sent via email, Facebook messenger or SMS/Text.

Wi-Fi Marketing Packages

Standard Package

Improve Guest Experience and Increase Your Marketable Contact List.

The Basic Plan includes One-on-One Onboarding where we work together to build your Social Wi-Fi Account and Custom Login Page displaying your brand and logo when guests connect to your network.  Don’t worry, we do the work, we just need your help by suppling images, logos, contact details, network names, etc.  Two SSIDs are included in this package (Guest Social Wi-Fi/Back-up Guest Wi-Fi Login OR Private Network) and Table Tents displaying QR Code and Network Name. We continue the process by building your STRWiFi Machine, which will also increase Wi-Fi Coverage and Wi-Fi Speeds. 

Once the setup is completed and our STRWiFi Machine has been deployed, you’ll begin collecting guest’s emails, phone numbers and social media data.  This data is exported and sent to you each month allowing you to import that data to your preferred email marketing platform, like Mailchimp, for example.  From there the sky is the limit.  You can begin engaging with your guests, providing them with more information about you, your property, your company or local venues as well as send special booking offers.

Advanced Package

Boost Direct Rebooking's and Accelerate Positive Online Reviews.

The Advanced Package includes everything in the Basic Plan plus much more.  The build for this package takes a little more time, but it’s so worth it!  We’ll partner with you to build the content and the offers you plan on sharing with your guests through the built-in Automated Messaging System.

With the Advanced Package you’ll also receive a Walled Garden, which protects the LAN/WLAN network from guests or other devices accessing your private devices that are connected to the same network.  You’ll also receive our Content Filter which protects your network, computers and your guests from adult content, torrent, malware, darknet, botnets, phishing, gambling, hacking and much more.  Pirate Blocker is also included, allowing you to block local non-guest users from pirating your wi-fi/internet.

Additionally, the Advanced Package includes Three Custom SSIDs (Guest Social Wi-Fi, Back-up Guest Wi-Fi Login AND Private Owner Network).  Choice of QR Code signage displaying Network Name (refrigerator magnets, wall signs or table tents) and Tier One login to the STRWiFi Portal, providing you with immediate access to a live User Timeline, Collected Data, Analytics and Guests’ Contact Details, all of which can be exported for marketing.

What really sets the Advanced Package apart from the Basic Package is the Automated Messaging and Reviews Campaign.  With the Advanced Package your guests will automatically receive 1 Engaging Welcome Message minutes after connecting to the Wi-Fi, receive 1 Rebooking Offer during or after their stay, and 1 Direct Link Reviews Request after check-out.  This plan also provides you with 1 post-login redirect and 1 post-login embedded Facebook Profile Header with active Like and Follow buttons.  Your STRWiFi Machine can automatically send guests to a website, marketing funnel, property information page, landing page, welcome video or Facebook page immediately after they join the network.

-SMS Text Broadcasts Also Available, but Not Included.

Premium Package

Automatically Deliver Stellar Messages and Master Your STRWiFi Machine.

The Premium Package provides you with greater access to the STRWiFi Portal, giving you more control over your Marketing Machine.  At this level you’ll have full control of your Automated Messaging System and access to our WYSIWYG Email Editor with 100’s of pre-built Templates to choose from.  You can create your own Automated Messages for timely delivery to your Guests including automatic Birthday Messages.  In addition, you’ll have full access to your very own Reviews Management System.  Generate reviews, monitor reviews, respond to reviews, market your reviews and measure your reputation.

Adjustable Bandwidth Restrictions limit user upload/download speeds to ensure all guests on the network have equal level of service, and you’ll get Four Custom SSIDs (Guest Social Wi-Fi, Back-up Guest Wi-Fi Login AND Private Owner Network, as well as a Non-Broadcasted SSID for local equipment).  In addition, you’ll have access to the STRWiFi Cloud Network Monitoring System.

With the Premium Package your guest will automatically receive 1 Engaging Welcome Message minutes after connecting to the Wi-Fi, receive 1 Engagement Message during their stay, up to 2 Rebooking Offers during and after their stay, and up to 2 Direct Link Reviews Request after check-out.  This plan also provides you with 1 post-login redirect and 1 post-login embedded Facebook Profile Header with active Like and Follow buttons.  Your STRWiFI Machine can automatically send guests to a website, marketing funnel, property information page, landing page, welcome video or Facebook page immediately after they join the network.  

SMS Text Broadcasts Also Available, but Not Included.

Executive Package

Get It All and So Much More... PLUS All Done For You!

The Executive Done-For-You Package provides you with everything you need to grow your STR business PLUS online marketing and targeting strategies specifically designed to connect you with your ideal customer.

Connecting with your idea client takes planning and deployment of a multi-media marketing campaign with an emphasis focused on conversion. Message to market match is a crucial element for moving your idea client from being just a shopper to becoming a buyer.  These and many other strategies will increase customer retention and profits.

The Executive Package is a custom marketing plan specifically designed to meet both your budget and desired results.

What sets this level of service above the Premium Package (besides done-for-you) are these optional strategies:

  • Vacation Rental “Direct Booking” Website
  • Website, Email and SMS Text Hosting
  • Channel Manager (syncs calendar with OTA listings)
  • Google Business and Analytics Page
  • Digital Online Marketing Campaigns
  • Custom Content Messaging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing (blogs, social media, newsletters)
  • Schema Markup
  • Branded Facebook Page
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Listings
  • Custom Retargeting Ads
  • Google Hotel Listing
  • TripAdvisor Page


If you feel it’s time to “Level-Up”, then this 100% Turn-Key, Done-For-You Short Term Vacation Rental Marketing Service is the option for you.

Why Choose STRWiFi?

Typical Wi-Fi Solution

STRWiFi Marketing Solution

Compare Packages

One-On-One Onboarding
Custom Programmed Wi-Fi Router
Increased Wi-Fi Coverage and Range
Increased Wi-Fi Speed and Reliability
Automatic Security Updates to Router
Lifetime Router Warranty
Table Tents with QR Code
Two Custom SSID’s
Capture and Export Guest Data
Realtime Wi-Fi Analytics and Guest Timeline
Walled Garden
Content Filter
Bandwidth Restrictions
Three Custom SSID’s
Automatic Monthly Analytic Reports
1 Automatic Guest Welcome Message
1 Automatic Rebook Offer
1 Automatic Reviews Request
1 Branded Ad
Cloud Wi-Fi Network Monitoring
Four Custom SSID’s
Realtime Messaging
2 Automatic Rebook Offers
2 Branded Ad’s
2 Automatic Reviews Request
Reputation Management Platform Access
No 3rd Party Ad’s
Free Tech Support
Free Campaign Changes
Vacation Rental “Direct Booking” Website
Channel Manager
Google Business and Analytics Page
Digital Online Marketing Campaigns
Content Marketing
Schema Markup
Custom Retargeting Ad’s
Goggle Hotel Listing

Standard Package

Standard Package


Advanced Package

Advanced Package





Executive Package

Available Option
Available Option
Available Option
Available Option
Available Option
Available Option
Available Option
Available Option
Available Option
Available Option
Available Option
Available Option

Executive Package


Freuently Asked Questions

  • Do I need special hardware and do you provide it?

    Yes.  We provide a commercial network router which is pre-configured to work with our web-based software portal.

  • What happens to my old Wi-Fi router?

    The broadcast can be disabled or it can be repurposed as a private network.

  • What if I have guests who do not use social media?

    Our platform provides e-mail and phone number login options.

  • Will this replace my internet?

    No. You would still need to maintain a an account with the local internet service provider.

  • What about EU laws?

    No worries, our platform is GDPR compliant.

  • I’m not super techy, is this hard to use?

    The system runs itself and you can have as much or as little interaction with the platform as you like. We provide tech support and training to help you along.

  • Is there a long term contract to use this service?

    There is no contract, but it is recommend that you give the system 3 to 12 months to prove it’s value.  You’ll see an instant increase in data capture from day one, but what you do with that data dictates the success you experience.

Free Consultation

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