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Vacation Rental WiFi Marketing Explained

What Is Vacation Rental WiFi Marketing?

Except for wilderness and spa getaways, today’s traveler wants to stay connected at all times. If you offer your guests free WiFi, you have already chosen a tool that can be invaluable to your marketing, operations, and overall guest experience. Why not boost your business by making a few simple changes to your vacation rental WiFi?

To reduce dependency on popular online travel agencies, you must collect information about your guests. Try to understand your guest’s demographics and engage with them in a way that works. This data can help you build your brand and increase direct bookings.

No matter how many properties you manage, you have most likely considered how to get more direct bookings for your rentals. A great way to increase bookings is to target your previous and current guests. The problem is that third-party booking sites do not provide an easy way to get your guest’s contact information.

Say Hello to Short-Term Rental WiFi

Short-Term Rental WiFi, or STRWiFi, offers vacation rental property managers a sophisticated way to interact with every guest staying at their properties. Collect the guest’s name, email address, phone number, and other information through the WiFi login process. Trigger thank you messages and get valuable feedback to improve your business operations.

Guests love STRWiFi because they do not need to remember or look through their emails to find the WiFi password. To begin, your guests will scan a QR code that takes them directly to your social Wi-Fi login page. They can then seamlessly connect to your WiFi using their social media credentials, ensuring a quick and easy log-in. Supported platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Most importantly, once guests become accustomed to your vacation rental property, they are more likely to want to book directly rather than go through Airbnb, which means future stays are more profitable for you.

STRWiFi: Marketing That Works

STRWiFi makes it simple and intuitive for guests to use your WiFi. You can send timely marketing messages, collect online reviews, and gather guest data. Discover how STRWiFi’s technology can help your business.

Get to know your guests the easy way

  • Capture guest data through an easy WiFi log-in system branded with your logo
  • Social media log-ins provide more information about your guests while reducing clicks
  • Get information about your guests that online travel agencies have
  • Fully compliant with GDPR

Improve your online ratings and reviews

  • Automatically send review requests to every member of the rental party
  • Share positive feedback on all your favorite platforms
  • Automatically post 4 and 5 star reviews, while handling any negative feedback privately

Automated marketing that does not take up your time

  • Automatically send messages to guests at specific times and events
  • Encourage guests to give social media likes
  • Send email campaigns with your preferred marketing tools such as Mailchimp
  • Set up automated rules to avoid spending time and money on marketing experts

Build a Better Business with STRWiFi

Nowadays, direct bookings are essential for success in the vacation rental industry. After collecting the guest information, you can start your vacation rental WiFi marketing. Let’s explore why it is so important to gather data.

Gain Independence

Online travel agencies like Airbnb will always have a place for most vacation rental managers. However, creating your index of guests is a great way to shift to more direct bookings. An increase in direct bookings means more freedom, profitability and flexibility for your business.

Customer Acquisition

Businesses that use email to stay connected with their guests get more return business. People will know how to book directly with you, which builds your brand.

More Revenue

The information you collect from each guest staying at your vacation rental property paves the way to market new services and products. STRWiFi allows you to add new revenue streams by sending automated messages to your guests.

Advanced Features: STRWiFi Highlights

STRWiFi offers many features beyond collecting guest information to make your life easier.

Branded Splash Page

STRWiFi is smartly designed for vacation rental properties, allowing you to create custom splash pages with your branding. There is a good chance you have seen splash pages before when logging in at airports, hotels, or coffee shops. A savvy vacation rental manager can benefit greatly from a custom splash page.

Custom Redirects

Once your guest has connected to WiFi, a new page will appear notifying them that they have connected. From here, you can send the guest to your direct booking page or any page you want. You can also team up with local businesses and redirect to their services.

Email Integration

STRWiFi collects guest names and email addresses for you. All the collected data gets sent to you automatically every month. Simply import the data to the application of your choice to send marketing emails to guests.

Facebook Ads

As part of your splash page experience, STRWiFi also offers the ability to place a Facebook retargeting pixel. This feature allows you to target every guest who stays at your property with Facebook ads. This will significantly increase your brand’s visibility.

Cloud WiFi Network Monitoring

STRWiFi can dramatically reduce or eliminate WiFi complaints. Conveniently control and monitor the wireless networks on your property through the cloud. View relevant data such as WiFi usage, channel usage, and signal strength at a glance.

Better WiFi Coverage

STRWiFi provides reliable, easy-to-manage WiFi solutions. By using commercial access points you’ll provide more power and speed for your guests.

The Clear Benefits

Let’s review a list of benefits you’ll receive when switching to STRWiFi.

Guest Advantages

  • Efficient Log-in Process
  • QR Code Wi-Fi Access
  • No Complicated Passwords and Network Keys
  • Increased Wi-Fi Coverage and Speeds
  • Every Guest Gets Direct Access to Wi-Fi

Affiliates Advantages

  • Custom Log-in Page
  • Personal Social Wi-Fi Account
  • Automatic Messaging to Guests
  • Automatic Review Requests
  • Collects User Data for Optimized Marketing
  • Little to No Direct Contact With Guests
  • Access to Demographics Through Guests’ Social Media Accounts

Conclusion: The STRWiFi Difference

Vacation rental property managers provide free WiFi access to potential guests to improve their customer acquisition rates and to further develop vacation rental automation. The objective of a WiFi marketing campaign varies, but in most cases, it is to capture the guest’s contact information to stay in touch.

A marketing suite typically includes branded pages, email marketing campaigns, social media likes, active promotions, and data collection. This mix is exactly what STRWiFi does. STRWiFi lets you market your vacation rental whenever your guest is ready to book their next stay.

Make your brand front and center, and take your vacation rental WiFi to the next level. Get STRWiFi today and accelerate your direct bookings and profitability.

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