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How the Guest WiFi can Build Local Business Affiliate Income

Vacation Rental Affiliate Program

Are you a vacation rental owner? If so, are you ready to turn something simple, like your Wi-Fi, into a clever marketing machine? STRWiFi offers the most helpful way to work smarter, not harder.

Our social-powered Wi-Fi makes the perfect choice for anyone who takes part in a vacation rental affiliate program for numerous reasons. STRWiFi connects you to your guest’s info like never before, and it automatically markets your other affiliate rental properties and links.

How Does STRWiFi Work?

STRWiFi—an abbreviation for short-term rental Wi-Fi—works like any other Wi-Fi system but is better because it takes away the annoying parts of traditional Wi-Fi service. For example, instead of logging on to your rental’s Wi-Fi through a network.

Will STRWiFi Help Expand My Affiliate Business?

In short, yes. Using STRWiFi is a great way to promote your vacation rental business. Using a social-powered Wi-Fi technology like STR provides guests with custom network names that directly identify your Wi-Fi to your brand name or company. This access allows clients to remember you and promote your business and affiliates to others.

The other ways that STRWiFi may help to grow your business include marketing ads, data analytics, and reputation management. You can access these incredible business tools with STRWiFi, making it the smartest choice for your wireless network.

How To Use STRWiFi To Build Affiliate Income

Are you wondering exactly how you can use STRWiFi to create affiliate income? By partnering with local restaurants, scooter rentals, tour guides, etc. you can use your wifi to promote these services to your guests.

The good news—there is a  potential to make even more money from your vacation rental program when utilizing STRWiFi.

STRWiFi strategically places your affiliate links on your Wi-Fi’s login, rotating ad space, and logout pages. This means that your guests will receive information about local trusted services to enhance their stay. Besides helping your guests find what they need faster, you’re supporting local businesses who show their appreciation by compensating you for the new connections.

Market Pre and Post Log-in

What else sets us apart from the other short-term vacation rental Wi-Fi systems? First, STRWiFi has up to four ad placement opportunities. These locations include the initial login page, the post login page, rotating posts, and the final logout page.

If you want to promote another rental space, ad partner, or affiliate, then our team can rotate your ads. As a result, your renters will have viewable access to multiple ads in one window, increasing the amount you and your affiliates earn.

In addition to this type of marketing strategy, STRWiFi gets the contact details of every single guest at the rental party. What this means for you—those ever-so-important automatic reviews and shares multiply. Plus, since you’ll have your guests’ general demographics, you’ll know how to strategize for your next guests better than ever before.

Read more about the different WiFi marketing packages we offer.

Out With the Old

Put a stop to the outdated Wi-Fi system and get STRWiFi. Increase your profits for your vacation rental affiliate program while improving your guests’ experience along the way.

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